won’t you join in and fight with the allies?

Combat Hospital kicks the ass of every Big Four network drama I’ve seen in the last five years. Holy Hannah. I’m having a hard time finding anything anyone I know will object to. Positive portrayals of military personnel? Love. Medical drama? Love. People being awesome to each other because they can? Love love LOVE.

I wish, drama-wise, that the networks would scrap pretty much everything but Grey’s, House, and Castle for next season and just air Canadian stuff, UK stuff, and all the back seasons of all the good stuff that’s been airing on USA for the last few years now. We don’t need shows glamorizing Playboy bunnies. We don’t need shows lying to us about how great it was to be a maid/nanny/waitress on an airplane–oops, a stewardess. Private Practice has jumped a few sharks. CSI stopped being good when Gil and Sara hooked up. Law and Order, original flavor, was apparently cancelled–can someone bring me up to date on that?

We also do not need a billion comedies about spoiled Americans whining about petty crap, but if we stopped airing those, we’d be down to 30 Rock, pretty much. So.


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