So Lyme just got likelier

Hey, cool new thing I learned about deer ticks!

Apparently, left to their own devices in an airtight, sterile jar that was never used for urine collection due to someone’s stubbornness, they shed their bloated bellies and crawl around looking for their next meal.

a) It stands to reason, therefore, that ticks really do not drown, so I guess flushing them is stupid, and
b) Every tick I tossed in the trash? It probably made its way RIGHT BACK ONTO A CAT.

You know, since none of us have been bitten. To our knowledge.

Except that I have gone a longish time without noticing what was happening to my skin, so I don’t know that I’d have noticed a bloated tick falling off when it was done eating.

…getting the psychosomatic creepy-crawlies now.