Falling into place

I dropped next term’s courses just now + confirmed commode delivery this morning for, um, tomorrow morning. $58 gets me peace of mind.

The only thing that’s bothering me now is how long that shiny Compazine pill will last. Am I going to wake up at 6am begging for mercy? Will more of it in my system last me longer? (i.e. double up overnight?) I could sleep for Germany, I swear. Honestly cannot recall how I coped the last few times I had antibiotics.

I, um, might be Tweeting incoherently over the next few days. Please, nobody block me while I’m dealing–I’m about to face the double whammy of big fears + PMS/period. You would be a little weirder than usual if you had that coming.

Not to mention the constant oddness of knowing that there is a bug in your brain. Or suspecting, at least.