xposted from the LJ: NCIS and Grey’s fandom related

NCIS totally ends up seconded to SGMW because they have had just that many disasters and NCIS: LA is too busy to get up there for the duration. I guess whatever goes in LA really hots up for the season. So there’s Gibbs, who is about to have to do some serious frowning on the shenanigans between staff members–Abby, who… do we know anything about path at Seattle Grace? Whatever, she’s taking over. Ziva and the military contingent end up bonding, and, oddly enough, Bailey takes a liking to her. Well, shit, this is a woman who can get things done! And Tony is Tony. Oh, dear. Tony may get taken aside by Kinder, Gentler!Sloan. (“What did I just hear you say about the mothers of my child?”) At which point Tony immediately aspires to father the child of a bisexual with an understanding partner. McGee develops the world’s biggest crush on April, who develops the world’s biggest crush right back. Ducky sweeps Bailey off her feet; who says she needs some macho hardbody to keep her happy? Duck’s the best. ♥ It’s merely a dalliance however, because she has yet to meet Fornell. 😀

Fornell follows Abby, because it’s his turn to get her to swap agencies, and Gibbs has to look all kinds of threatening while she and Palmer have their very innocent fun. Bombs start being found, Meredith starts freaking out (starts? She’ll have been in full GAAAH mode since the first “Code Black” announcement). Cristina, competent in a crisis, learns very quickly how to use a gun, much to her husband’s consternation and Teddy’s wholehearted approval. Sloan has a crisis of… yes, I do believe he’s grown a conscience over Lexie’s desire to join the training. Especially when, because she’s Lexipedia, she volunteers to learn which wire to pull.

Oh, and at some point, the women are standing around in Kevlar chatting when something goes whump and knocks down April. Ziva, Cristina, and Lexie are all “wtf, who hits April?” Since two of them can now shoot… 🙂


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