Nightly oddness

You really shouldn’t be surprised that I would dream in entire episodes of UK-made mystery series.

This time, I made up my own, somehow. The hero looked like Jason Isaacs, which is fitting, as he is really very yummy and has done Mystery! before. (Case Histories. My sole reason for watching.) I couldn’t name the heroine. She had brown eyes and brown, curly hair; she was a bit of an everywoman, at loose ends after World War II. Earl-and-policeman!hero took her on as his assistant, and they had a happy enough time solving mysteries together until Korea happened. Oh, dear. By then, they had reached something of An Agreement regarding their feelings, and she was looking after his four-year-old son for the duration. Also, they had beat up someone who was touching her in not-very-appropriate places. That’s a bonding moment.

Unfortunately, his unit got itself in a spot of trouble and the authorities claimed they’d brought his body home. Watching her grief was pretty agonising, especially as I was also living it. This is Must Feel TV. She turned up pregnant, but didn’t care about herself or the baby. They took her to the hospital and that, bugger all, is where the installment ended.

This happens to me pretty regularly.

Happy New Year in case I don’t get around to blogging again in 2011.


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