New year, new layout

Still not custom. Ah, well. Someday, I will know people who can do that stuff.

Still puzzling over what domain name to get. The obvious, of course, is “amazingthings.whateverthehellisopen”, but I bet that’s been taken ten times over. In all the countries. I haven’t yet changed my name legally (though This Is The Year for a lot of things, that one will have to wait) + am not published under said desired name. So.

Damn you, Rose Casson, your “So.” has infected my blogging.

In other news, I revisited my first fandom today by catching The Rescuers on Disney Junior. (I will gladly cop to watching children’s television.) Bernard/Bianca OTP. So CUTE. If I had to recommend one Disney movie, this would be the one. I really did have the tie-in coloring book when I was small.

Stir-fry now. I could never go gluten-free, could I?


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