The international bathroom: four products I love

Being of international extraction, I have, naturally, got an international bathroom.

No, nothing’s labeled “Chaud” instead of “Hot”, and until I work up the strength to remove it, the tacky eighties floral border has to stay. But I’m fully stocked, at any given moment, with German bath salts, and I have to admit I’m as pleased to shop my Indian grocery as my Wegmans for certain beauty products. My aunt sends me flavors of Juicy Tubes I can’t get over here, which is just as well, because my perception of certain flavors differs wildly from American palates. (I cannot refer to it as “raspberry”. That is distinctly “himbeere”.)

Four imports I adore:

TETESEPT Entspannungs Bad: It’s a bubble bath! It’s bath oils! It’s both? Whatever the category, it smells yummy, and I love to immerse myself in it on a regular basis.

PALMOLIVE Mandelmilch Cremedusche: I know, right? Palmolive? The people who make dish soap? Turns out that in Germany, they make so much more. I love emerging from my bath smelling of almonds, and so soft! Not only does it get me clean, it leaves my skin refreshed. Win.

PAGLIERI Felce Azzurra Talco Classico: Yes, my favored body powder is imported. Twice. (Once to Germany, where my aunt buys it and mails it to me!) It’s a soft, comforting scent, and on those just-shaved days, powder beats my usual deodorant hands down. Also useful in summer, when, unless you are built like a supermodel, things will inevitably stick to each other. Much more pleasant to dust on some of this.

ROGER & GALLET Fougère Savon Parfumé: Basically, it’s soap. But what soap! Gorgeous, milled soap, smelling of fern, apparently. Beloved plucked it from my sink and decided he’d use it in the shower. My mum had some put by; I’ve no idea where she got it, but I was able to locate it on the French version of the website. Being a polyglot comes in handy!

Worth noting–none of this is prohibitively expensive. So you can’t just run down to your local Sephora and pluck it off the shelves? Consider asking a pen pal to send you a sample! Got a bonus and want something lovely? Why not try one of these? Branch out, even. There are so many more products on these sites, and I swear nothing smells quite the same from country to country. Maybe your signature scents don’t live where you do, and what’s wrong with that? Do you really want to smell just like everyone else?

Just a whiff of an idea.


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