I swear this is a Whatnot

♥ A fabulous takedown of a misguided article: Sheer Blouses: Some Don’ts Should Say Don’ts. xojane is also responsible for “dirtbag style” equalling “I spent a grand on this bag and then scribbled on it to be EDGY”. Do not think I will be frequenting that site. If I want the perspective of people with more money than I’ll ever have, I think I’ll keep reading Kat at Corporette.

♥ Okay, now I feel even better about going to see her in concert: Lady Gaga launches BORN THIS WAY Foundation, which “seeks to empower youth through promoting self-confidence and fighting bullying.” I can get behind that.

♥ Fun facts about me, number 1: If I am ever lucky enough to be a) a millionaire and b) matched up by Patti Stanger, she’s going to have to insist on a half-drink limit. A whole drink is just too much for me, unless I make it myself, with about half a teaspoon of rum to 8oz of juice.

♥ Fun facts about me, number 2: I pronounce PIPA “Pippa”. Like Middleton. And SOPA “soap-a”.

♥ Fun facts about me, number 3: I don’t think “mainstream media” when I see MSM.

♥ Department of oddly appropriate acronyms: Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS). Go CDC!

♥ I will say I am getting sick and tired of all the open marriage talk relating to Newt fucking Gingrich. Guys, ask anyone who is actually in an open relationship: Newt’s doing it WRONG.

♥ Okay, so I am warming to Anonymous over this: Anonymous attacks various and sundry sites in retaliation over the takedown of Megaupload. Including, apparently, the DoJ. I am chortling.

♥ And in that vein… well played, indeed, Fandom Secrets. Thanks to the delightful @ceilidhann for pointing that out.


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