Oh, FlyLady.

FlyLady’s very sure of her target audience.

A Sure Fire Way To Save Me Money? Okay, I thought, worth a read. But… I don’t spend $20 a week on more clutter as a diversion from my existing clutter. I don’t spend $5 every weekday morning on a drive-thru breakfast (ha, breakfast). We don’t get take-away but once a week, if that, and we generally cook what we’ve got. When we don’t, we go shopping knowing we’re there to pick up a meal, not a meal and goodies. That’s how Beloved and I fed three adults for about $6 per plate yesterday. (Bonus? We had ingredients left over.) I don’t rack up bills. I use my debit card.

So in the end, I haven’t saved any money. I am, however, spending an awful lot on copays. Maybe FlyLady should examine the price gouging perpetuated by our mismanaged care system next.


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