I decided today was as good a day as any to thank my friends for their support. Come to find I missed a death–of another girl’s grandfather, no less–and that made me tear up. (Which is not helping my sinuses any. Will I be able to breathe through my nose tonight?) With my mother here, while I’m sick in bed, it’s unreal; it’ll get real in a hurry when we see her off tomorrow. I don’t want her to go! But she’ll be home by the 14th! But it doesn’t bloody matter, because she makes things normal around here.

Two losses since July. I wait, superstitious, for the third. What’s next? Universe, be merciful, because I’m trying to stay alive myself.


One thought on “convergence.

  1. I don’t blame your superstition at all. My family seems to always have issues in threes. Since news of my grandmother’s stroke, I’m waiting for the second and third bits of bad news.

    Safe travels to your mom, and all my love to you, darling.

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