[to the nines] Cover me?

songs I long to cover . . .

9. Creep // Radiohead // Ever since I saw it done on “The Voice”, this has been on my to-do list. This is also partly because Sia did such an amazing job with “Paranoid Android”.
8. Jailhouse Fire // Laura Veirs // Doesn’t ask for much in the way of tricks, simple instrumentation–rock.
7. Blue Lips // Regina Spektor // Bonus? All I’d need is a pianist.
6. Sugar and Pie // Abigail Washburn // I could do a video in twenties gear!
5. Resist // Petula Clark // Sounds a little absurd a cappella; would be perfect with backing.
4. Trouble Is A Friend // Lenka // She sounds like I would if I had proper equipment.
3. Monument // Mirah // And she sounds like I do when I don’t.
2. Wake Up // The Ditty Bops // My heart in song.
1. Savannah Fare You Well // Jimmy Buffett // Yes, you read that right. I’d like to give it an Alison Krauss kind of twist.

. . . and songs I could never manage:

9. Dog Days are Over // Florence & The Machine // Mostly because I can’t get the hang of the beginning.
8. Rolling in the Deep // Adele // In theory, this song suits me. In practice, I am about as soulful as Ikea. No go.
7. The Story // Brandi Carlile // And I’m prone to oversinging as well…
6. Valerie // Amy Winehouse // Yeah, I know, someone else did it first. Fuck that. Amy owned this. Where’s my virtual candle…?
5. Taiyang Chulai // Abigail Washburn // Why do I not speak Chinese?! I’d have to learn this one by ear, and Chinese is too hard. I couldn’t do it justice.
4. Bulletproof // La Roux // The chorus bits bore me to tears, sorry. I think I’d doze off midway through them. The lyrics, meanwhile, are loads of fun.
3. Blindness // Metric // Why, oh why, do I not have that low grittiness like Emily Haines? So, so jealous.
2. Killer Queen // Queen // I just don’t know how I’d style it!
1. Mine // Taylor Swift // Taylor, oh, Taylor, you are so much more traditionally sweet than I am. I have a definite Manic Pixie Dream Girl vibe going. I just sound insipid on this one.

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