♥ From Dear Prudence:

Q. Bestiality and Statistics: You might be interested to know that according to the landmark Kinsey Report, most farm boys’ first sexual experience is with the livestock.

A: And so it perhaps is a good thing that we are no longer an agrarian society.

(equally hilarious, later in the column, same subject: “The mother needs to hoof it out of there.”)

♥ And an awesome comment at Corporette: I think I may have shared this story before, but I, too, have very dark under eye circles that are a gift of heredity. For years and years my MIL would exclaim that I “looked so tired.” Finally, to shut her up, I told it it was because her son was keeping me up all night! 😉

♥ My first birthday card has come from GEICO. I am not even with GEICO, but I have to admit it’s a cute gesture. Thanks, guys, but I’m really happy with Progressive!

♥ I would wear this pencil skirt to DEATH.

♥ Via Marie Claire, an enlightening thought: “You can pick up the check at work and the sperm at the bank,” she says. “So what’s the wedding industry going to do? They have to sell women on the psychology of it, convince them that the only way to have a complete and happy life is to get married.”

From an article called “New Breed of Single Bridezillas”, no less.

I personally do not understand America’s national obsession with the white wedding. I once had a nightmare about marrying someone I loved dearly. It wasn’t the groom. It was the wedding. Even at my most starry-eyed, I wanted a quiet ceremony in the woods, barefoot, wearing something soft and comfortable, and no attendants.

I think if I ever marry, it’ll be a quiet signing of papers in the comfort of my home or ours.


2 thoughts on “whatnot!

  1. I have friends getting engaged pretty regularly at this point, and when they ask how to plan their weddings, I tell them to elope if they can pull it off. We kept it small, but it was still a complete pain to plan, never mind the people who STILL seem insulted they weren’t invited. Why, oh why, did I marry a man who has no siblings?

    (Oh, wait, no domestic partnership rights and all that love junk. Right.)

    • I’m lucky that most of my friends are either married or not sharing. 🙂

      “All that love junk” seems to be working out well for you! I applaud you.

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