Good Friday whatnot!

♥ This week in hilarity: “Rose of Versailles Abridged” part 1.

You can thank TV Tropes for this. (Link withheld for everyone’s good.)

DIY sinus-clearing bath tablets from Frugal By Choice, Cheap By Necessity. Pricing out the ingredients:
> $.79 for a box of baking soda (1 lb). If I used all of the box, I would probably have enough tablets left over that I could invest in pretty cellophane and sell them.
> Water is generally free from the tap.
> A nearby Vitamin Shoppe sells essential oils for roughly $6 apiece–that would be my real cash hit, since I don’t already keep them, so I could start with eucalyptus for, say, $4.99. I know eucalyptus and I play well together. If I wanted to buy all three recommended (lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus), it would still only run me about $18.
> Baking cups run, generously, to $3.
> The other thing I don’t have is a mini-muffin pan, and I would love to make these minis, since I could pop those into a nice little box with far more ease. Macy’s does them for $10.99.

Total? With tax? $35.41, if I use all of my ingredients; realistically, I could whip up several batches of twelve, making price per bath tablet roughly a buck. Easy, nu? And everything on this list is a multitasker!

In which Salome dances. A clip from King of Kings (1961). Happy Good Friday.

♥ I love my state. Milk Not Jails! In which New York puts its money where its stomach is and employs ex-cons to help small farmers. Rehabilitation is a great goal, after all, but if you can’t find work when you get out of jail… well. So this is work. And this is beautiful. (And tasty.)

♥ I want so very badly to attend Institut Villa Pierrefeu. I always dreamed of going to finishing school, but I had no idea I could do so after a certain age! How marvellous!


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