Monday Whatnot

♥ How do I like Dita Von Teese? In that gorgeous red? I like her juuuuuust fine! Someday I, too, will be able to swan around in forties fabulosity.

♥ Meanwhile, whoooooa, Nelly: 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women. Reason #5 chaps my hide pretty hard, but it really is all down to #1. Want to know what those are? Go read the article.

♥ I need to get this for any of you who are going to be parents for the first time–The Baby Owner’s Manual. Subtitled “Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance”. Great diagrams, too!

Awesome updos over at A Cup of Jo! I do a variant on the Gibson roll; I’m just not great with pins, but I can grab the sides of the “pocket” and secure them with a barrette or one of those stick-and-cover things.

Dear Korea… Jen Lee is awesome. It’s a comic! It’s a blog! It’s the best of both worlds.


Rose of Versailles Abridged, episode 2!


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