Things I want out of a women’s forum/group/discussion space/whatever:

— Not a blog. I have a blog. I read blogs. Too remote.
— Nobody who identifies as a man. Sick of having to explain shit to men that they could, well, read on the blogs. Like Darling does when I ask him to try that first. I explain the shit he doesn’t quite get from the text, but I never have to be the text.
— Permission to like fashion, makeup, pop music, and melodramas. Not being called out as a bad feminist/woman/whatever for being a feminist/woman/whatever the way I do it.
— …so, a more moderate feminism, then. One that doesn’t necessarily depend on knowing All The Academic Stuff Written On The Subject Ever.
— A place to be a feminist/woman/whatever for its own sake and that’s enough. No higher purpose (I mean, subgroups and committees are cool, but damn, sometimes I want somewhere to be a woman in a room full of women).
— A safe place to do that stuff. MRA shit not tolerated. PUA shit not tolerated.
— …oh, and I suppose somewhere that lets me cuss, though I can be nice and rein in my language if I’m getting the rest. But I would like to be able to cuss. Otherwise, when I’m having a Moment, I have to reach for my pretty society words and that’s tough if my Moment happens during fog or my period.

xposting. sorry if you see this a few times.


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