review: hope in a jar

NAME: Hope in a Jar
MFR: Philosophy
CATEGORY: Moisturiser

Hope in a tube, actually.

♥ How’d you get a hold of it? This stuff is expensive! Yes, I know. This is what happens when I save up the points on my Beauty Insider card. I get some really great samples this way. Accordingly, what I am trying is a 12ml sample tube, which is .4 fl oz, so 4/5 of the $15 jar… this should have cost me $12. A buck a milliliter! In any event: nobody’s paying me to do this review or promising me more swag. Except if I spend more money.

I have learned to look for several things in a moisturiser. Trial and error and problem skin, darlings. Best teachers ever. In my case,”dry” is a massive understatement; I flake at the slightest provocation, as poor Courtney at Sephora discovered.

♥ What does it smell like? In the tube, some perfectly lovely lotion-y smell. On me? Wet dog. I kid you not. Scents are tricky with me. Some notes come out mildew on me, which is worse; I adapted to eau du chien mouillé pretty well. Of course, I was on my way to Dreamland at the time. I should do a daytime test, to see how long the wet dog smell lasts.

Note that wet dog is not the weirdest result I have ever had. I tried something the other day that, I kid you not, reminded me of butter. As in “I should be spreading this on toast”.

♥ How does it feel on my skin right away? This went on really light; my skin drank it up and begged for more. I didn’t expect that. Good surprise. I hate running around with extra goo on my face. I like to start small and have to apply more. Of course, at this price, I doubt I would like having to apply more, but while it’s free… hey, why not?

♥ How does it feel in twelve hours? Surprise! My skin is silk this morning. Maybe a little greasy in the T-zone, but not unbearably so, and there’s no shine. Samples are always hit or miss; this is a palpable hit.

♥ Does it hurt anywhere? I must remember not to use this around my eyes, as they did burn for a bit. Also, the website says “avoid the eye area”. Huh. You know, the sample tube really needs to put that in larger print.

VERDICT: If you’ve got the cash, consider ponying up… for the little jar first. I’m going to try this again in the evening (not at night) to get a better feel for the wet dog smell (i.e. does it last longer than drydown?). If you don’t know how it will smell on you, best not to invest in vast quantities. And yeah, that’s another lesson for me. I doubt this will become my next moisturiser based on price alone. I welcome any and all “If You Like X You’ll Love…” suggestions in the comments.


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