♥ Via the Fug Girls: Stephen Colbert is the 69th hottest woman in America.

♥ Wait, Jimmy Fallon is doing a Downton Abbey parody? 😀 “I don’t give a tinker’s tit” may be my new saying.


Yay palliative care! By a nurse with breast cancer who knows where the bear has dug his forest latrine. Similarly, I too would consider a NO CODE tattoo.

♥ via duckgirlie@twitter, Can’t We Discuss This Like Adults? On gaming, and why the discourse needs to change: “We have to learn that we’ve won, and that the sky won’t fall if we try to have an adult debate over big questions of how our medium deals with tough subjects.”

♥ via Ceilidhann@twitter, holy shit, this is the best analysis of Twilight I have ever read EVER.

♥ make of this what you will:

Owly Images

( click for embiggening, probably. )

♥ “[…]an outbreak of Human Progressive Sterility Virus left most women older than 18 barren[…]” Dude, best idea ever. Okay, only for me. The article itself is about YA novels and reproductive freedom, by the way; very much worth reading, and now I have new books on my TBR pile.

a few from Sally @ Already Pretty . . .

How to wear white right: basic tips I personally hadn’t forgotten, but it’s great to have them in one place all the same.

Power dressing . . . updated! Personally, my power dressing consists of NO bra, a pencil skirt + rockin’ heels, a good hair day, and red lips. But that’s me. Also, I typically wear a shirt; I’m not a total nudist. Um.

. . . and a PSA from home-ec 101

It’s hurricane season again!


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