whatnot! with commentary.

♥ Sally @ Already Pretty starts us off with the question that is somehow never completely answered: how do you wear another culture’s clothing ethically? The comment by Isabelle is especially thought-provoking, as is Jessamyn’s about thrifted/gifted/found vs. mass-marketed.

This is pretty relevant to me, not because I’ve somehow thrifted a kurta (lucky Sal) but because the art I’m working on is, in part, inspired by the beauty of the wedding sari. How do I incorporate that influence in a way that doesn’t demean the rite of passage? I don’t even know what to name the piece at this point, because labelling it “Wedding Sari” or “Indian Wedding” implies a representation I don’t feel I’m qualified to make. Most likely I will just end up playing with red and gold and naming it something completely innocuous, because I might’ve been inspired by wedding saris, but that’s not what came out of my brush. Homage is one thing, appropriation entirely another.

(Homage is why I’m going to paint my palm and slap it down on my next piece, then draw the lotus I’ve been drawing since before I knew what it was in the center of the dried image. Because Hilary McKay has some brilliant ideas for art, and Rose Casson is sort of a mini-goddess to me.)

♥ Unicorns: still mythical creatures. Ashley speaks about married life with a gay man in the Mormon church.

Gay pride at the Pentagon! Dear über-progressives wondering what Obama has done for YOU lately: THIS. This is what he’s done. And it’s huge.

Today’s pretty: Plukka’s Cadeau earrings in blue topaz and white diamond.


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