And a snapshot of recession life:

(From a note to a friend:)

I do, in fact, live with my parents. It’s an irritating catch-22. In order to remain (well, become) insured and healthy, I have to forgo full-time employment. Very few jobs for people with plain old two-year degrees pay a living wage, let alone offer health insurance, so it’s Medicaid/Family Health Plus or the all-but-useless-to-me Healthy NY. Alas, with no cashflow, I’m stuck here. Complicating matters further, I found out just where my body’s limits lie when I pushed myself right into a collapse in fall. One doctor says chronic fatigue syndrome, one says fibromyalgia, and I say “oy vey”.

The Affordable Care Act came in the nick of time for students who were already making smarter decisions about their futures because they knew this was a recession. Up here in the 24-26 age range, it was only in time to offer us a year of grace before we went back to being totally screwed by the economy. Nobody told me in high school that this recession was on its way and I’d better not major in English after all. I am so close to chucking it all and finding a trade school, getting that qualification, and using it to pay for a loftier calling later. It’s beyond frustrating.


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