dear mister president

The system really doesn’t give me much incentive to get out, not in conjunction with the current reality.

Think about it. In order to stay/become insured, I can’t get a job that pays me a living wage, or anywhere near one. So I’m here for the foreseeable future, unless I marry someone who has great insurance. Some future. So I’ll be living off student loans, which pile up PDQ. Great through grad school! Once I get out and get a job, whooo, there goes my entire paycheck.

Just disabled enough that a judge would laugh in my face if I tried for disability. Just healthy enough to be frustrated that I can’t pursue a trade for far less money than a graduate degree.

Something’s gotta give, Mister President, whoever you turn out to be in 2013. Something has to change. I need to be able to move forward without fearing the loss of very necessary medical coverage. Failing that, I need to be able to make a wage that will support me, including my doctors’ bills. (Doctors plural. I will always require more than one.) But the side that wants industry to succeed above all tends not to support such a wage, and the side that supports universal health care generally hasn’t got the balls to propose making it a reality. In fact, right now, both sides claim to want to keep interest rates on student loans down, but God help them if they can figure out how to do that.

Right now, my vote is for the side I perceive as more humanist, more supportive of my continued survival down here in no-income land. But unless that side learns how to fight for what it wants, I’ll be stuck down here for a long time yet.


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