(no subject, really.)

How to lose a satisfied, paying-out-of-pocket client in one sentence:

Refer to her partner as a dead end.

Welp. Soon as I get a better psych lined up, I’m off his list. Just because I can’t marry my darling man for his health insurance/sizable income/enormous OKAY I’LL STOP THERE. This is the Century of the Fruitbat, gawdammit, and I am in it. I will look to no man to support me unless this is explicitly the deal we are making. Then it’s more like patronage than marriage.

I’d be a genial wife in a sexless, open marriage provided he was wealthy enough. I’d never bother him about children, probably not bankrupt him on luxuries, and be satisfied doing my own thing while, perhaps, making a modest income of my own. All this is assuming Darling leaves the picture, which I do not wish. So really, it’s Plan Zed, this whole “be a fake wife to someone who needs one”. It’s not even Zed, it’s more like Plan Omega (is that the last letter possible?). If I am either “widowed” or somehow so alone in the world that I am totally desperate, sure, I’ll put the offer out there.

But I’d have to be so desperate to do it. And this guy likely thinks it’s more viable than me getting on my metaphorical feet someday. Yow. Give me the slightly-granola commune first.


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