Blog retitling time!

“Amazing Things” has not actually said anything about me or the blog, ever, except that I quite liked that song by Sarah Blasko. I’ve been considering a number of names, but I need [points] YOUR HELP.

♥ One strong candidate is Post-Raph Stunner, capitalisation fluid, “the” entirely possible. I have become very vain about my hair and let’s face it, those ladies had style. The title describes me as well as several of my friends.
♥ Along those lines is Bocca Baciata, which translates to The Kissed Mouth — it’s Kirsty Stonell Walker’s fault I’ve got my nose in this stuff, and her Stunner is on my must-buy list (one for me, one for my library). Mind you, I’ve yet to ask her if I can use it, but credit goes where credit is due.
♥ The dark horse was one we came up with tonight, something that sounds like it should’ve been featured in Mira Grant’s NEWSFLESH trilogy: Refuge in Audacity. I (ab)use that trope often.

Can you come up with anything else? Songs I have been humming lately? (What I Wouldn’t Do is the working title for the Ada Project, since Ada belongs to Nabokov.) References I have made in the recent past, pop culture or otherwise?

Vote! Including write-ins! The winner gets… um… to pick a doable favor or small prize.



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