whatnot! the eleventh.

According to WordPress, this is #11, anyway.

The whole article is worth your while, but this I loved: “You might ask the French, who spent a few billion francs on the Maginot Line, only to have the Germans unfairly go around it; or us, who spent lots on the McNamara Line in Vietnam only to have the North Vietnamese unfairly go around it; or us, who have spent billions trying to fence off Mexico, only to … well, you get the idea.”

“Ed Miliband” reviews 50 Shades of Grey, complete with illustrations. (Just .gifs of politicians, you filthy little sods.)

What Unretouched Photos From Victoria Secret Look Like. (Yes, I know there’s an apostrophe and an S in the store’s name.) I wondered at first whether these were the befores or the afters; they are the befores, and in case the blog hadn’t made it clear enough, this model — oh my gawd — has the cutest mole on the side of her right breast. She’s also busting out of some of the more structured tops, which makes me want to try them. After all, if her mangoes are too much of a challenge for the suits, surely my mosquito bites must fit? Best of all, this line offers middling-modest options for those who are looking to actually swim at the beach.

Lesson: Victoria’s Secret needs to quit touching up its models.

♥ Via Sarah J Warbeck, Ruth recounts an instance of the Riot Act in (in)action. And here I thought the actual existence of a Riot Act was a Pratchett thing.

Spock Lolita. A frock for women who haven’t got masses of hair. Now, where is my Number One Lolita? Or my Rand Lolita? You know, in case I ever get up the gumption to go to another sci-fi convention.


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