Here is my truth:

1. Akin’s a cold bastard. He may be a logically consistent one but in terms of what he’s willing to inflict on women, he is cold.

2. When it comes to legislating morality, at least picking the pro-choice end of things allows a woman to carry her pregnancy to term if she so desires. The pro-life lobby, let us be very fucking clear, is pro the life of the fetus. For the woman it cares not one jot. If it did, it would also be advocating improvements to the lives of unwilling mothers via the very government it’s willing to hijack.

3. Religion has everything to do with this particular political motivation. Show me the affiliations of these politicians and I’ll show you a whole movement dedicated to creating a Christian America. That is dominionism. You only have to Google it to figure it out.

4. I am biased and I don’t care. I don’t have to care because IT’S MY GODDAMN UTERUS, END OF. DO NOT ENGAGE.

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