Things I did today

Finally reviewed Thendara House
Put up a new profile picture
Argued for the benefits of polyamorous marriage to society (specifically, contending that it contributes to stability).
Put up another new profile picture
Today’s Zynga Bingo
Got exasperated at Grooveshark and its bizarre ads
Made skeptical faces at a guy who seems not to be able to find women friends
Wondered whether I should stop reading a blog because it’s full of twentysomethings and older trying to sound like teenagers
Waited for my First Reads book to come in the mail
Avoided actual communication with actual people… as much as I could, anyway
Turned down a job offer due to gimpiness
Stopped reading a blog that’s promoting stuff I don’t like
Considered checking out the 50% off sale at OfficeMax for a laptop bag
Actually checked out the sale online and bookmarked a candidate… for the duration of the sale.
Oh, and there was writing.

And now to nap. I can only drink so much Pepsi to stay awake before something triggers a panic reaction.

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