The mother of the house

So I have a reason to live on after my darling dies, after all.

We have decided the house will pass directly through the family to me. Even if, in the end, it’s just me and my uncle at loggerheads, I will never release my stake in the house to him, and anyway we’re selling the back end of the property so he should be happy with the money he gets out of that. I pretty much just have to wait him out.

Then the mother of the house, who was Mari, who is now Rosi, will be me. No cousins. Me. A home of my own, in my old age, which is paid for and only requires the basic utility bills and taxes. A pension ought to cover those, yes? And I can save against that probability, and if the house stands empty for a time, renters will bring me a nice income.

If nothing else, I won’t have to worry about income. That house is a pension in itself.

…though I wouldn’t be averse to employing my cousin Georg, who is honest and younger and stronger, as my agent Over There. Bless Julia, her brother got all the business sense. 🙂


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