whatnot! the thirteenth

♥ The fabulous Angri-la of Free Jinger infamy is raising cash for a car — nothing fancy, just something to drive through the winter. Start here if you’re interested!

Service With A Smile and a twist ending.

♥ It’s the Daily Fail, but I hope this article is a little bit true. I can’t exactly blame a woman for snapping and killing a man who has been targeting her (to include rape, which has resulted in pregnancy).

And this article, about a bride who knits at least the shell of her gown; I doubt very much she knitted the lining as well, though if she did, might I suggest she start doing this stuff for a living?

City Chic actually advertises its plus-size fashion on plus-size models. REJOICE.

♥ I want one of these:

Justine Musk on dating. More and more often I find myself grateful not to want to marry…

♥ …along with the things I’ve learned through a close reading of Thendara House by Marion Zimmer Bradley.


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