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I should not be planning to meet more strangers tomorrow.

I am the kind of tired I don’t know how to shake. My resistance is so low. My body is telling me to slow down and retreat to the familiar, which is why I am watching “My Fair Wedding Unveiled”. (David Tutera, you make everyone’s life a little brighter.) After this, there will be “Reggie Perrin” and “My Family”, because Saturday night is Britcom night. If all else fails, I haven’t even finished Season One of “Archer”.

I am facing so many realities that I must have my distractions.

I am writing the story of a happy, beautiful family: a father who only left his first wife because she joined a Christian fundamentalist cult. A mother who is intelligent, dignified, and lovely. A daughter who comes of age surrounded by love. Now, I can’t improve on the awesome that is my particular partner, so I’m not even trying. The love interest is therefore a tall English expat who loves music. This is totally Mary Sue territory and I need that.

. . . focus on the positives.

Cats. Mum. “Oh, for Christmas’ sake.” Nesting on the sofa. Darling a text away. A few (hundred) words a day. Understanding what flatters me: manner, dress, self-care. Having the vapors in a safe place. Being a daughter of daughters. Doing what comes next. Knowing where I’m going (and yes, I know where I’ve been).



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