whatnot! the umpteenth.

Changing the format — let’s see how this works.

♥ All kinds of nifty at the Facebook page — you probably don’t even need an account to see it! But if you do need an account, let me know, because I’ll have to reconsider how I use that page.

♥ Unconventional uses for $5 face pads (2% salicylic acid):

1. Make a kill jar for insects — place pads inside jar as needed. Pads may be cut into smaller pieces if the kill jar in question is actually, say, a prescription bottle. Which would be a brilliant repurposing of a prescription bottle, eh?

2. Cleaning surfaces prior to painting. They took years of dust and grime off the fan blades from that broken CPU power supply. Also layers off my fingertips, so nobody print me until the skin recovers.

♥ Apropos of nothing: isn’t salicylic acid what goes into aspirin? — Oh, good grief. Well, don’t eat a face pad if you have a headache. That could lead to problems.

♥ Painting again, tra-la. Maybe I can carve out a niche for myself. Techno-folk art? It’s going to look fantastic. I’ve the makings of a bookend/picture frame and a fan thing. I’ll have to photograph them and stick them on Instagram as I go.

♥ In what universe is this meant to make me want to give birth?

The size of a what now?!

♥ Only a few more months until we get NEW DOWNTON ABBEY! 🙂


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