plukka pretties! the sequel.

‘This simple but gorgeous 18K yellow gold ring features a 10 carat checkerboard-cut smoky quartz surrounded by diamonds, set on a simple band. Its outsize stone and smoldering glamour are rendered wearable because of its neutral tones, making it perfect with any outfit, style or time of day.’

‘This necklace celebrates the magnetic quality of tiger’s eye by surrounding a large central faceted stone of it with a simple frame of diamonds and adding an accent stone of the same design above. The unusual combination of quietly mysterious tiger’s eye combined with the unabashed glamour of diamonds makes it impossible for this necklace to escape notice. 10 carats of tiger’s eye and 0.25 carats of diamonds set in 18K white gold, strung on a matching 19″ chain.’

‘It is the irregular, asymmetrical shape of the stone in this black rhodium 18K yellow gold ring which dictates its design and makes it unconventionally eye-catching. A large faceted smoky topaz of 7.50 carats is rimmed in diamonds and set on a simple band.’


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