The Lingerie Addict asked: How do you feel about lingerie? Is it something you mostly see as bedroom wear? Do you usually buy it for yourself?

And posted: And I wonder . . . if the comparative absence of plus sized bodies and full busted bodies in the lingerie industry has such a profoundly negative effect on women who are part of those groups, how much more so must the near-invisibility of women of color, disabled women, and older women have on those groups?

I gripe about two things that I didn’t figure were intertwined until I read these posts on the same day: what it’s like to be a true A-cup in a world of women discovering their natural Gs, and what it’s like to be invisibly disabled (yeah, like disability isn’t invisible enough to able-bodied people). Both of these factor into how I choose my dainties.

Take the CFIDS. Or the fibro. Or whatever my next doctor decides to call it. All I know is that it’s left me unable to wear pinchy clothes, so all those bra fitting ladies with their ideas about what actually works? Nice try, but I’m not going any tighter than this 36A. And I really do mean A. I don’t know if I’m broad around the ribs or just sensitive. Maybe the bra is fully padded, but I’m not and haven’t been since I ditched Remeron a year ago. A week of doxy (thanks, misdiagnosed Lyme) did for the rest of the weight. Trust me on that.

Pinching also puts most hosiery out of my reach. Few pairs stop where I can tolerate the grip of the waistband, right at my hips. Come on, I’m short. I also have thighs, unlike, apparently, the rest of the 4’11”, 40kg population. I find myself reaching for what’s supposed to accommodate said thighs and I have to pull my hose up to my floating ribs. No good, mate. No good. Roll ’em down? Let ’em sag? Only makes me chafe, and rolled waistbands show nicely through, oh, everything. Anyway, what’s the point if I feel, at best, like a frump?

Enter the lowly suspenders. Lest you begin drooling: the pair I’ve ordered are plain white, strictly functional, six straps, and the stockings I picked were black opaque and nude-for-me sheer. I may even see if the clips will work with the elastic in the welts of my existing holdups. Since skirts are now made of lining material, I do own a slip, though I’ll probably want another by summertime to go with my lighter-colored dresses. Or a crinoline, in the case of one sundress. Mmm, crinolines. Anyway, I shouldn’t ever be caught in a situation where my stocking clips become the main attraction at the travelling show that is my gimp arse.

Believe it or not, if I had the option, I’d wear all longline bras and underbust corsets. You wouldn’t believe what even a silly fashion “corset” will do for a mild aching back. You know the kind: bends where you do, sold in trendy teen shops, closes with ribbon in back and hooks and eyes in front if you’re lucky? If I had serious back problems, you know I’d go to a doctor and see what she recommended (and she might still let me spring for a corset over a brace), but for something as stupid as the usual pains of CFIDS, hook me in.

So there you are: more information about CFIDS, small bosoms, and lingerie than you ever wanted to know. Unless you are also small of bosom and achy and tired of self.

2 thoughts on “underpinnings.

    • I turned pink when your comment hit my inbox. High praise! So if you’re serious, I’ve just spent an hour or so writing a bit on “Baby’s First Suspenders”. Off to the page on guest submissions. 🙂

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