five small gratitudes:

1. Mum. Mummy, Mumsie, Mum. Because we do have happy moments in our strange new world.

2. Power, including heat, including INTERNET. We are safe and sound in Western NY, nicely inland.

3. Adalyne’s tail healing so well. Many cats break their tails and suffer major consequences. Addy was in pain, but it seems a few days of anti-inflammatories worked for her. Now she’s getting better.

4. The good drugs. Wow, I needed those last night. I don’t cope well with power outages (nasty memories of storms) or the threat of them.

5. My own strength. I did not need excessive amounts of the good drugs. I only had to take a little extra and enjoy whatever distractions my home had to offer. Snug, warm, home. Mmmm. This was my first hurricane, and I’m proud.


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