unexpected in november.

I think I have a cold; either that or I’ve somehow worked myself into a CFS flare with the all-nighters and the thousands of words a day. Boo. I’m getting a little better, but man, do flares suck.

The OKCupid thought process:

1. Hey, “$DUDE is checking you out right now!” This might actually be worth my time.
2. Hmmm. His goatee is creepy, and parts of his hair look the same colour as dog piss. $TOWN is a bit of a hike, but we’ll see.
3. Like I haven’t read this profile before. Positive attitude, outdoorsy, whatEVER. Oh, wait. He’s deaf. This should be interesting. I mean, it’s not an issue until we go to play Duelling DJs…
4. …the heightened other senses could be really, REALLY interesting…
5. C’mon, gonads, back to the subject at hand. Eeeeeeh, he wants women who are looking for something “fun and casual”. That’s definitely not me at the mo’. Also, he wants kids and has a dog. This won’t go anywhere, I’m afraid.

Exit, stage sorry but no.

On reading the words “What is it about a piece of inanimate, plain fabric that scares you so much?”, why did my eyes immediately go to the guy’s keffiyeh? And then I was all “huh?” until I read the text attached.

Honestly, the girliness of his clothing didn’t strike me as odd except for the fact that the plaid shirt made him look a little busty. The skirt was kind of an “eh, guy in a skirt, probably should’ve worn different shoes with that, or something shorter a la Amy Pond”.

People who think violent thoughts and, worse, act on them? Because a guy is wearing a skirt? Douchenozzles. I need a stamp of douchenozzlery or something, because wow, are there a ton of douchenozzles in the world.

Shared the post at the Facebook page, if you’re following. If you’re not — why not?

Oh, Suzanne “The War on Men” Venker is related to Phyllis Schlafly. That explains a ton, including why she has a book published. Writing: not her strong point.

“Basically I’m the fall guy.” Want some cheese with that whine?
“But the purpose of feminism is to yank the feminine out of the woman” No.
“Feminism taught women to reject marriage and motherhood, go out into the workforce, and compete with men.” Horror of horrors. Women who do more than have babies. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.

And I have to give this gem special attention, because: “Feminists robbed you of what you naturally want: to be a wife, a mother, homebound.” I am already homebound. I do not naturally want this. I was put there by forces I couldn’t yet control. At least they are not institutional, “merely” my health and sanity at play. I never naturally wanted to marry or parent, and even if I had — really? Being homebound is part of that? Because some mamas need to work and some mamas need to stay home. That’s so personal, so individual, that to assert that one state is more natural than the other is an unforgivable generalization.

It is not natural to feel caged.

“As if men had it so great and they had better lives.” Sweetie, they did. For centuries.
“Everything I did was with the assumption that being a wife and a mother is my core, and I have to work everything in around that.” Well, there’s your problem. I’m assuming that being a person is my core. Kinda nice. Whine all you like, but being a wife and mother were your priorities — not mine — and seem to have made you more stressed — not me.
“It’s absolutely possible that it’s her true self, but it’s not the norm.” You run in some insular circles, lady. They’re downright concentric, perhaps even spirals. I will point out that I am also in that small, not-heterosexual percentage (and wow, does it feel weird typing that when people are coming out left, right, and center).
“What can women sit around talking about all day? Their relationships.” Ugh, really? Bechdel Test much?
“Do you see men sitting around and talking about their girlfriends? No. They need to move their bodies around. That’s why sex, for them, is showing their love.” Someone must have failed lower-level college writing, or possibly Earth Logic 101. We ALL need to move our damn bodies around. Doesn’t have a thing to do with how we show our love.
“So I’ve had to temper my own personality to meet my marriage.” That is a damn shame.

Whole enchilada here. Don’t read it if your blood pressure’s out of whack, though. Might make you stroke out.

p.s. with the sudden temperature change from 50-odd to what-the-hell-climate high 20s (!), you may hear increased screaming from my general direction. Guess I’ve discovered the exact point at which my knees tell me “Nope, not gonna happen, this bending and unbending shit.”


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