who plans the planners? er.

While I sit through the longest “17 seconds” in my life (seriously, that’s how long Dell thinks this update is going to take?), I figured I might as well talk through my planning process for… buying a planner.

I have a specific need this year for my planner: I have to be able to plan my semester in it. Google Calendar works great for things that don’t come due — appointments, TV shows, things that happen. For deadlines, whether short- or long-term, I need something at my fingertips with multiple views of those deadlines. I need a sense of how fast time is passing and, therefore, how much time I have to get my assignments out the door.

I remember a feature I loved from my middle school planners. You know, the big ones they gave out with the blocks for every subject? I never take more than three or four subjects at a time now, so I don’t need a big one anymore, though I did consider it.

But there had to be something prettier on the market! — Yeah, I know, great logic for expanding my search, except that it completely is, because if I don’t like something, I might not use it. The most effective planner is the one you use.

So here is the first of two I’m considering, the 2013 Do It All in Bold Blossoms. The size is a plus; I can tuck this into my big purse and go go go. It’s wire-bound, which means I can lay it flat or swing pages around behind each other. It offers two months available at a glance at a time, which alerts me to immediate upcoming deadlines. Best of all, it has colored blocks for every day of the week, so I can separate out my subjects! Yay!


Similar but not identical is the myAgenda Desktop Day Planner, which I would love in red. It’s only a little larger than the Do It All, but thicker — will I be toting around a phone book? It is also twice the price. The features explain both of those factors. Instead of two months at a glance, I get four — I can write down the most important thing about a day on a line, done, dusted. “Semester ends.” “Paper DUE.” It then has one month at a time, which — eh, I guess? And every day is gridded and LINED.


The thing is that I’m really stuck on the thickness, especially since this isn’t a spiral or a wire-bound. So, clicking around the site, I turn up what’s meant to be a refill for a folio version of the myAgenda planner. What larks! Same four months at a glance, same gridded and lined format, plus some extra stuff I’m sure I could make work — I don’t need an expense record, exactly, and I haven’t thrown a party in years, but I can always use blank pages for grocery lists and those passwords I need on-the-go (the ones that go with my phone). Ditto the “vacation plans” section. Adaptable is in the eye of the beholder. Half the price, all of the functionality.


So, Internets, I am a little torn. Obviously the middle one is right out, but I’m trying to see why I shouldn’t go with the myAgenda spiral over the Do It All. Product reviews indicate the Do It All does come with tear-off notes (groceries!) and stickers (fun time!). Do I really need four months of the semester at a glance? Can I, in fact, make do with two? And does either company have a hidden agenda I wouldn’t like?

— You see what I did there?

If you have an opinion one way or another, feel free to voice it! I love getting comment notifications in my inbox. ❤


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