two things I should probably have known.

♥ How often do people replace their pillows? eHow says the ones I bought last year still have a year to go if I care about allergies and crap, and anyway I use pillowcases. But if I’m concerned about neck and back pain, apparently it’s once a year at least? Unless my pillows cost a lot of money, that is? Shit, maybe I should get one of those Tempurpedic pillows next time I’m looking. And use two pillowcases at a go.

♥ How often should I water a cactus? I think I killed my last one by making it rain too often. I guess if I crack a bamboo skewer in half and insert it through to the bottom of the pot, I should be able to tell whether the soil still has enough moisture. I’ll remember that next time someone decides to give me a cactus. (Mum.)

I can fall asleep dreaming of ways to use the contents of my spice cabinet in an art project, but I’ll never be great with the practicalities, I guess.


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