2012 can fuck off and die.

January was harmless, but my grandmother died in February and also I found out for relatively sure that I have CFS. Which is incurable. Go me.

I turned 26 in March and promptly lost my health insurance. That’s okay. My doctor was worthless toward the end. Still qualified for Planned Parenthood program, at least, which let me swap birth controls to one that wouldn’t give me migraines. Or periods. Cue paranoia. Have got into the habit of peeing on sticks every three months.

Lost massive data (have since recovered from THAT). Found out I’d lost my neighbor, who was also one of my best friends (have not recovered from that).

My dad pished away hundreds partying, took up with the world’s least suitable girlfriend, told us he was divorcing Mum, which put us in fear of losing our home, + now he wants to come crawling back because he’s realised just how unsuitable his girlfriend is/was. Have finally got used to being able to sit on the sofa downstairs without, pick one: massive stench coming from the other end, crisps and salsa ENDLESS FUCKING BOWLS OF CRISPS AND SALSA, politics on the telly giving me headaches.

Turned down for state aid once because the morons at Social Services couldn’t distinguish one application for Family Planning from one application for Medicaid. Anticipating a second “sorry, no” if we go over this fiscal cliff. Thanks, John Boner (spelling mine; stupid his).

Discovered one of my fillings has worked its way loose. Need it cemented back down. So much for my financial aid refund.

Holidays utterly spoiled by this stupid fucking cold-sinus thing-possible ear thing-BODY JUST CALM DOWN ALREADY.

Annus horribilis, end of. Please, end of.


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