frivolity on a nauseated afternoon

Because I seem to have caught a stomach bug, and also because I am reminded of who inspired me to blog in the first place instead of staying on LJ, some Thursday love.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Bare it All 902C is my go-to nude/base. It blends beautifully with the other shades in my collection, and I will have to find a good dupe if they (already have) stopped making this.

♥ I guess Brash discontinued the Molly Side T-Strap, because I got it on sale. It’s a neutral-glam heeled sandal for the summer, and that’s all I really wanted.

♥ I also need to think in sister sizes when I look online, because there are some darn cute shoes that would fit me. (Because even a 5 is sometimes too large in women’s — sometimes a 3 is too large in girls’.)

♥ I can access my Goodreads TBR pile from my phone. When I go to the library, I can scroll through it and pick a few. Sometimes if I sit on a wishlist book for awhile, my library will get it in — not at the speed I’d like, but eventually. There are also other libraries in the county to which I have access because the libraries work together now. So really, it’s a matter of popping into whichever library I please! I can avoid a hold fee if I do the legwork, anyhow.

Tom & Lorenzo. Love.


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