seventeen years

The timespan since the last episode of flooding this bad in Mendon.

Since I was ten and without a camera last time, tonight I went out to look. Amazing. All this muddy reddish water coming down the creek, jumping its banks, lipping at the edge of a footbridge — I would not have gone out had it been raining any harder because I know how flash floods happen. It’s the longest hike I’ve taken in months, maybe years.

I went out in Eleven’s pink kag-in-a-bag. Well, my kag, but he gave it to me and it kept me warm and dry. My boots kept out the rain; of course, the puddles crept in, but pssht, it’s puddles and I was through ’em in a few seconds. First we hit the Lehigh Valley Trail, down the branch that crosses Irondequoit Creek. Right before the old railroad bridge there’s a goat track down into the creek bed — I’ve hiked it clear out to St Mark’s before. No go. No possible go. That entire creek bed area got swallowed. Mum and I drove into town; she dropped me on the main bridge by the Cottage, and I got not only pictures but video, all with my little phone. The ones at St Mark’s are interesting; it’s fairly obvious where the creek should stop. The lawn chairs are a hint. We saw a guy getting out his canoe; I desperately hope he wasn’t going boating, because that water’s fast.

The Fire Department had to come and pump out some guy’s backyard because it was all standing water, no drainage and no connection to the creek. It was never going to recede. The other yard that flooded, same as it did seventeen years ago, that’ll drain nicely over the next few days. Same with the softball field, though I’m thinking they want to go over it before they let the kids back out there — saw a portajohn on its side. Fast water? Dirty water. And of course the creek jumped its banks at the playground at St Cate’s, and of course there was a kid still playing there.

So I’m aching and I’m tired, and I want to get these shots offloaded from my phone, so I’ll leave it here and let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Best will be on Flickr and Twitter; also going to send a few to the local news outlets. You know, on the off chance that anyone wants them.


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