Claudius is home today after eight straight days working long hours, three days of those involving a commute to Ithaca. Heat continues unabated for the third day in a row. Brain is thus acting mucky and thick like molasses and I hate it. I think he does too.

But I got the side pieces to Mum’s dress cut out, at least, and I had a bath.

Been gaming some; been thinking lots. Today I’m watching reruns of shows I love, at least for as long as I have the patience to sit through the reruns. May not be very long. Would like to mix a CD. Would like for tonight not to be Jessica’s last with me.

Life is loss, and ten years from now I could be facing a much more terrible loss — and ten years after that, and so on until everyone I love is gone. God, I hope I have more in my life to fulfill me than this home and the running of it by the time I am losing left and right.


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