one angry woman

This was going to be a different rant.

This was going to be a first-world story about being a bad advocate and throwing a hissy when I should’ve kept my head. Then it was going to be a review of a great little Italian restaurant in Canandaigua. Unfortunately, we came home to an incredible injustice.

You know by now, unless you live under a rock, that George Zimmerman just got off scot-free for the murder of Trayvon Martin. If you’re me, you’re hearing some slimeball defense lawyer say this wasn’t a civil rights matter.

We need to be having a conversation, all right. We need to be thinking about why it was okay for George Zimmerman to get out of his truck and confront a kid in a hoodie. How threatened can you be inside a vehicle? If he has a gun — you have wheels! You can drive away!

But all Trayvon Martin had was candy.

Protip: if your defense lawyer, after you get off, says “This could’ve been prevented, we’re so sorry” then you should probably have been convicted after all. It means you took a life. There is no excuse for you if you seriously think that you’re going to be killed, while driving, by a boy who is minding his own damn business, you have major issues at best and should be in counseling, or taking Race Relations 101 at a community college.

There was absolutely no reason for that young man to die. Somehow, Florida thinks there’s nothing wrong with senseless killing, and this made no sense. None.

Six white people — all women? Women can be bigots — six white people gave a white man a pass on killing this child whose only crime was walking after dark while black. Ironically, if I saw a giant white man cutting through my backyard after dark, I’d probably be reaching for the nearest blunt object; men break into houses, right? Men rape women. But you wouldn’t see me, get this, leaving my nice safe house with my daddy’s rifle in tow.

You don’t borrow trouble. You defend your own ass when it’s in danger. You don’t go looking for the fight you supposedly fear. You lock your car door, you spin your wheels, and you drive away. You leave it to the police to come investigate whether the kid in what is not even your own damn backyard is causing trouble.

My heart is with Trayvon Martin’s family tonight. Whatever further action they can take, I will support them, because it was clear sixteen months ago what had happened and it is just as clear tonight.


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