a kinder cut

I measured Eleven last night. I was thorough about it, and I took a pattern of his head which I may muslin out +1″ over the curve and the front.

I will be cutting this in muslin (well, old bedsheets) first, by the by. Apart from saving me money on fabric — I’ll get to that in a tick — it saves me time in the final construction. Fewer alterations on the fly, see? If I can baste my pieces into place, then try them on him, I’ll know where I’m going wrong and how.

For one thing, just measuring him across, I know I’m going to need at least 3″ worth of gore from the armscye down, and will want to expand that measure within the first foot or so to about 6″ to accommodate his belly. Yes, there’s enough difference between his chest and mine that I can’t just apply my coat-hanger body standards to his. 🙂 I’m also debating how to actually construct the hood. On the one hand, neck openings tend to be 1/3 to the rear and 2/3 to the fore. If I were doing a full cloak, I might not fuss as hard; who’s going to notice a tiny difference? But I’ll be doing a capelet, so I suspect I’ll cut the capelet round but enormous, center the hood, and pin it all straight at the fitting in three weeks’ time.

In terms of fabric, I have five yards of tunic and three yards of hood thanks to a well-timed sale. It’s a linen blend like the red I’m using for my next gown. Oh, lord, I love these colors; the wine and the aubergine go so well together! We’ll clash a bit, but I bet they clashed back then, and if I wear a cloak it won’t be so obvious. That, or I can really be silly and rush out a new white gown, fitting it close so I actually have a hip spring.

…maybe for winter.

Bah, too early in the morning for anything more coherent. Watch ye this space, good gentles.


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