oh, white collar, i miss you.

I couldn’t get into White Collar this season, which makes me sad, because the older episodes bring me such happiness. I’ve got “Company Man” from 2010 playing. Neal and Peter didn’t have ugly secrets, Mozzie was getting to know the rest of the team, and best of all? No Sara. No. Annoying. Freaking. Sara. I could reasonably believe Neal and Mozzie would become part of the Burke miscellany, a family for two people who needed it more than anything. Mozzie would’ve made the ideal mad uncle, and the chemistry Neal had with both Peter and El just slew me.

And who doesn’t love Diana and Clinton? — No, not together, though I freely admit I’d date Diana. Mmm, Lady Suit.

We did, of course, lose the possibility of more Hughes via Actor Existence Failure, but oh, how I loved Ross “Liebgott” McCall as Keller. What a delicious villain!

I think the show lost me a little bit into Season 5. I saw where the Neal and Rebecca thing was going and I didn’t like it, or that Neal wasn’t actually growing as a character. I didn’t believe “once a criminal, always a criminal” of him. Mozzie, sure. But I really thought Neal was changing.

I might make an effort to watch the next season. It’s only been picked up for six episodes. I hope the show gets a better farewell than Smash, anyhow.


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