switch to classic mode.

Bomb Girls got its wrap-up movie. I watched it tonight. Loved. It. Of course it pulled no punches, but it gave me a particular happy ending I needed to see.

I’m up awfully late considering 1st Advent is tomorrow and we’re going to St Mary’s. We’re hedging our bets that at least one church in a half-hour radius will have stuck to traditional services. I need to celebrate the new liturgical year in the old way. Of course, part of why I’m up past the end of the film is a desire to get things pinned and steamed in place. The long sides, I’m telling you now, will all be beastly. I start at the far end of the ironing board and let the pieces I’ve done hang off the end. Had to figure that one out as I went, yes. I’ll have to take measurements once more before I even cut gores. Loose basting stitches for the seams, I think. I’m going to use this as the basic pattern for more than the one gown. I only have to cut a pair of wider sleeves for use with the green panne.

This being the Christmas season, I anticipate ease in choosing greens and golds for my gowns. I want to trim the sleeves of the undergown for sure; I may add bands of the same trim to the panne. When I go to do the sideless surcoat, I think I’m sold on creating bias tape out of the spare panne and popping that on wherever I please — ooh, and maybe something fuzzy for around the body holes? Genuine fur’s out (practicality, not principle), but I’m going to go looking for the softest faux I can get.

After all these gowns are finished, it will be time to focus on canvas tentage and a bed. A good autocrat makes sure her staff and/or her future baron/ess get the last cabin going. If I go with a wall tent, there’s certainly room for a bed, and Mama and Rosi can always share an airbed if they want to camp. (I will worry about what they will wear once my camp is sorted. Priorities.)

I can do everything that needs doing if I do it a step at a time, and I don’t just mean the SCA stuff. I can’t be careless about it. I need to plan. I need to look things up and put them in my appointment book. Yes. I will feel more in control if I can see it all laid out right.


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