sugar, sugar

“Why do you need some guy to take care of you? Why don’t you take care of yourself?”

Well, Dr. Phil, when this girl was 20 and started dating sugar daddies, the financial outcome looked pretty damn bleak. I wouldn’t pay for Michelle’s company — all that cash apparently can’t buy a decent dye job — but you know? She was working retail, possibly on top of trying to study, and if your family’s not pitching in, that’s a real grind, that kind of survival. She took what she had and made it work for her. Everyone involved knew what was going on, so it’s not as if she lied her way into that cash.

Now, if I were Michelle, I’d have invested the money so I could set myself up for a better future, and then quit worrying. On the other hand? I never needed to resort to being a sugar baby. I had my needs met, with the exception of health care, and by the time that was a problem, I was too worn-down to really date. Besides, I had a partner who stood by me through those darkest hours. Better to have been loved and supported through a tough time than to go it mainly alone for money — because as it happened, money wouldn’t have solved anything. Now I have health care and still not enough answers.

Would I do it?

No. No, I don’t think that’s an option. I’m not a traveller, and apparently Michelle travels with her dates. I’m still not up to snuff, healthwise. I’d need some startup capital in order to solve a few superficial problems (perk up the girls, redo my skin from toe to hairline). I’ve grown into rather a forthright personality who can hold her own with powerful people, but not as arm candy. I’d tell ’em what I really thought. The only reason I’d consent to appearing at an event on the arm of someone I didn’t love would be to see if I could win some hearts, minds, and wallets around to real social change.

I could sell my time for a good reason. I have no good reason.

As for the couple who are still (!) raking it in off the wife’s past appeal, despite the fact that they’re married and pregnant (!!) — there’s one born every minute, hey? And I see that a chunk of the takings are going for Baby’s college fund. No shame in that. No shame at all, since it’s open and honest between them. You do you. You provide for yourselves and your kin however you can.

The only shame here is that Dr. Phil seems to want to impose his belief system on some incredibly pragmatic people. Why tisk at them when you’re basically a corporate and media whore yourself?


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