something positive

There is a wooden tag hanging from a black ribbon within easy view of my desk. The front of it reads ELEN – AUTOCRAT. The back reads BE NICE TO ME. My friend Clarissa made it for me.

The other day I noticed the tag hanging so the BE NICE TO ME side was visible. This is a pertinent reminder: I am no longer ELEN – AUTOCRAT, but I surely do have to remember that I owe myself kindness!

. . .

I joke, of course, that I’ve a brain like a steel colander. This week, I had/still have a bit of a head cold. (Very careful who I hug, but my family did catch it — sorry about that!) It might also be allergy season a bit; the three of us do sneeze more in late summer and autumn than in spring, I note.

We performed a bit of an Anvil Chorus this morning, between the coughing and the sneezing and the blowing of noses. I am grateful to be able to find the humor in it. I am probably able to find the humor in it owing to an early bedtime last night — nine-thirty? Absurdly early for me, I tell you, yet with this cold I’ve been sleeping such odd hours that I was able to manage it. Perhaps as in winter, when we had the roof done, I can rearrange my sleep cycles toward normal human hours.

. . .

I belong to you who know and love responsibility;
I belong to me who dictates who is let inside;
I belong to the uncommon common.
I belong to She who has nurtured me;
I belong to He who taught me to hold a spear;
I belong to She who hunts Her foes from lionback;
I belong to He who places each stone just so in the earth.

Happy Friday.


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