+1 cat

They’re both dozing right now.

Monday we brought home Emmy, a little ginger rocket whose eyes are still turning from blue to… I suspect green. She is eight weeks, three days old today. Adalyne is adjusting — rather rapidly, I think, because for a couple of days she was angry, then yesterday she started to thaw, and today here she is hanging out on my bed (read: snoozing for England).

Having Emmy is not unlike what I suspected having an actual child would be like. I teach her not to chew on cords, I observe carefully when she tries to get one over on her big sister, and I put her down for naps when the rocket fuel runs out. Chaos, chaos, chaos, thud. That’s what it’s like. Sometimes I nap when she does; sometimes I settle her and use the time sort-of-productively.

If I get sleepy before Adalyne wakes up, I might go nap with her. She hasn’t been up on my bed in a few nights, y’know? So this is something I can only see as Good. Emmy is settled on her blanket in the other room. I’ll see how long I last upright.

(Might be time to start titrating down on the Klonopin again. I’m holding at 17.5mg Celexa. 1.25mg Klonopin probably wouldn’t suck.)

This is a quick update. This is the speed of our lives together.


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