(not so) pretty in pink

Confirmed: that I am never allowed to use anything but a smidge of mascara under my eyes ever, ever, ever.


Deep pinks and I… oh, boy. We will never, ever get along. What started with a more coral lip shade and some gloss became “oh, let’s deepen the inside of the lip like Pony does” became “whoa, this is not blending well, slather slather slather crap.” What I can do with intense pink is dot it up high on my cheeks and blend, and it does give me this adorable dolly vibe. So there’s that perk. It also doesn’t help that I’m having a nasty attack of cheilitis. My meds dry out my whole body, to include my lips, and when stress hits… boom. I end up looking like I’ve overdrawn my lips when I want the opposite effect. So frustrating!

I now know that I cannot come at my top eyelid from underneath. So much for waterlining. Meh, I’m good enough to get tight to the roots of my lashes with nearly anything by now. This pencil is growing on me.

Shadows: I love that peachy-champagne shade out of the cheapie palette. I don’t care if it is shimmer. It works on me. The rest of the palette? …we’ll leave it at detail work unless the lip is totally peach-nude. Dramatic eye or dramatic lip. Pick one, M. Pick one.

Still adoring this mascara. Still unrepentant about its drugstore nature.

About the undereye baggage: I tried combining the weird concealer/highlighter stuff again, but this time by laying down a base of my usual NARS Finland. For some reason the look came out okay after I powdered it. Huh. I wonder if I should try that all over? I am so uneven — I really, really do want a workable base layer. Also, I’m going to look up the best primer for people who have short pale wispy hair on their faces. That baby hair needs to flatten down.

There is little to be done about the nose. My glasses break up the line; since I haven’t yet worked out how to take a selfie without glare, you get Der Schnozz in its full majesty. It’s narrow until it’s not, and it’s frickin’ long. Maybe if I could contour away, like, half my nostril flare?

So this look is largely a fail, and also I kind of miss having a more natural hair color. Gotta schedule me some salon time with Chelsea so I can go kinda sandy-blonde, which won’t look weird with roots (uh, weirder than anyone else’s roots) and will be simple enough to maintain with chunky highlight work every few months. We’ll see.


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