mari watches later: what’s down the youtube today?

Today, on Mari Watches Later: White girls with dreads and then without them, lip looks I love, a synchronized swimming makeup tutorial, and a little planner talk.

♥ Alyse @ Raw Alignment gets tired of white girl dreads, plus her scalp doesn’t really enjoy the style and apparently she Did Not Do The Research before she started. Whoops. Yes, undoing locs is a time-consuming process. Four videos’ worth (Google will probably suggest you the other three videos). The unlocs look pretty healthy, but I don’t have my hands on it and absolutely can’t judge by sight. She’s contemplating shaving her head, which given how low-maintenance she seems to want to go, might be a great idea. Bonus points for the phrase “watching the process unravel”. That’s herald-worthy. Enough hair comes out to spin and weave into a really interesting fabric…

So, white people who really want to do this: cultural appropriation implications aside, you might find yourself itching and hurting in a way you can only undo with a tiny, tiny crochet hook and a flea comb.

♥ Wengie tries Korean lip products, and I immediately wish I had natural highly-pigmented lips like she has. I like the Korean lip look; tints and glosses are kinder to me in the pink department than full-on lipsticks, and the ombré style is kinder still. I’m interested to see what natural shade the Dior lip balm would give me!

♥ NikkieTutorials’ three-million-subscriber video is called TAKE HER SWIMMING ON THE FIRST DATE! I respect that she’s stuck around for so long in the vlogging business. Also, I remember my long-haul flight days, and I want to try that game. Also also, she asks the three-million-subscriber question: “Synchronized swimmers! How the hell do they keep their makeup on?” Which is really the point of this video: a makeup tutorial.

If this girl had a late-night show, I would totally watch it. Just putting that out there.

♥ I’m not going to list them all, but let’s just say I’m amused by the Erin Condren planner people. There are different types for different planner styles — I’m a new bujo girl myself, very DIY about it, never did stick with one pre-printed layout for long when I tried other systems so this ought to be nice as it allows for change. Whereas with the pre-printed ones, some are more flexible than others, and how much cash do some of these ladies drop on stickers?! If you’re going to change it up that much, might as well go the bujo route.

Also, people tend to be really perky and optimistic in the planner community. Points to ClassyAshli for having a sense of humor about it.

Like Ashli, I have designed my own super inspirational cover:



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