mari watches later #2

Today on Mari Watches Later: unexpected awesome in a church, an excuse you probably shouldn’t use on your professors, humanity at its finest, and Why She Got Ugly.

♥ It’s Sunday. Have a beautiful performance of “Glory” from Selma.

♥ Alyse @ Raw Alignment drops out of college because she’s not feeling it. “It wasn’t really resonating with me” went over well with her professors, I’m sure. All right, so she’ll take a gap year. In Hawaii. While getting certified as a health coach. Darlings. Someone’s charging her money to be certified to give health advice for money. I will give her this: she knows where to go in order to get the food and climate she finds most beneficial. It’s just that she doesn’t need to make any excuses. “I want to eat fruit, work on a farm, and live in a warm climate. So long, Frozen Northeast.” This video could have been two minutes long.

♥ From the Nuclear Vault, 1971’s Camille and the Seabees. Then as now, there will always be people who ride out hurricanes at home. I love that the Seabees gave shelter to those who asked it. Pregnant ladies to the dispensary! Oh, and we have generators! Dang, Seabees. 🙂 Kinda heartwarming to see people coming together to look after the civvies.

♥ And in the “ouch, man” department: Stella Rae makes a video called WHY I GOT UGLY about her choice to stop wearing makeup. She learned to love her naked face… and people seriously asked her why she got ugly? Wow. And she’s right about the extra time in the morning. Makeup can be fun, but if it’s a crutch and you no longer want it? Don’t wear it! Simple-as. ❤


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