mari watches later #3

Today, on Mari Watches Later: Nekkid GIs in the jungle, Wengie tries circle lenses, and Alyse delivers an insight many of us fail to grasp for years.

♥ From the Nuclear Vault, Personal Health in the Jungle (1944). Specifically, this is “1944 U.S. Army training film TF 8-2057 Personal Health In The Jungle”. It addresses the troops as if they have never encountered heat exhaustion in their lives, because of course nobody’s been drafted from the South. It’s all ignorant Yankees. And nobody’s ever been wading in the crick before and got a leech!

Something I think people have been allowed to forget: the reason we used to shoo flies away from food had to do with the likelihood of contamination. Let’s face it, there’s not much crap lying around in the open anymore, be it human or canine.

I wonder if a “Pennsic kit” could be marketed based on the “jungle kit”? Hot weather, check, likelihood of wounding, check, odds of impure water higher than usual, check, I’d even bet on athlete’s foot. And insect repellent would surely be useful in certain areas. What would period equivalents of the items in the “jungle kit” be? An A&S thought for another day.

Bonus: Nekkid GIs starting at 13:07!

♥ Wengie tries on six different circle lenses. Huh, she wears those. Never noticed before. Kinda trippy to see her with one eye on and one eye off. Also, TIL: you can get prescription circle lenses.

♥ Okay, I have to admit that Alyse @ Raw Alignment is being sensible here about the jerkbrain end of whether or not to wear makeup. I’m not vegan and I’m not going to become vegan for my skin’s sake — I don’t feel I need it — but honestly, she gets it right when she says that if you don’t love makeup, getting rid of it will relieve stress. She’s growing on me. She’s sweet in a kind of naïve way, and I don’t think she’s acting or anything. She actually seems genuine. Huh. 🙂


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